Process will Eliminate the Daily Grind

We’ve been looking at a three-step management approach to effective technology strategy: 1. Create proper accountability; 2. Put people first; and 3. Own your processes. Today we’re looking at process. Simply put, it means doing the same things the same way, every time. Process means freedom. It gets you and your people out of theContinue reading “Process will Eliminate the Daily Grind”

Transform Your Business by Putting People First

In my last column I outlined three initiatives you can start in your dealership right now to optimize your tech strategy: 1.) upgrade accountability for tech leadership; 2.) put people first; and 3.) own your processes. In this column we’re looking at #2 – putting people first. We know that putting people first is aContinue reading “Transform Your Business by Putting People First”

Fix Your IT Accountability for more Effective Results

Last month I wrote that business decision making and leadership account for at least two thirds of technology strategy. “That’s great!” I can hear you thinking, “because I don’t know much about technology, but I do know about business.” It’s true! And that realization is the first step towards an effective IT strategy. What ifContinue reading “Fix Your IT Accountability for more Effective Results”

Poor Technology ROI? Uncomplicate Your Business

This is the first installment of a regular column about bridging the gap between business leadership and technology. This piece is somewhat biographical because, well… not many people know me (yet). A version of this column is also published in “Business of Furniture” magazine. ~ Justin Loeber The most rewarding careers are intrinsically motivated. I’mContinue reading “Poor Technology ROI? Uncomplicate Your Business”