The Future of Work

The way we work is changing and so are the places where we work. Many of these changes have already happened, with recent global health events having only served to accelerate the process. Many companies are struggling to catch up. Remote work and driving productivity through employee engagement are the new realities. They mean big challenges for businesses and the Workplace Services firms that provide them with solutions.

Technology is at the center of all these changes. We’re here to help.

End user challenges

Creating and sustaining culture is challenging enough when everyone is in the office. How will you do it when some, or all, workers are remote? You must have a strategy. Face to face communication is key. New “presence” apps help extend the social office experience to the outside world.

Companies maximize value when their people work together to achieve common outcomes. This can’t just mean sitting at a table together, or sending endless chain emails. Collaboration must be efficient and must be able to happen anywhere. It’s time to shift the culture and the technology.

Health + Wellness
Research shows that an ergonomic work space is essential for employee well being and productivity. But, where does “work” happen these days? What programs and transactions are required to give remote workers access to the same quality of workplace they get at the office?

Employee well-being and job satisfaction drive productivity in the modern organization. Its essential to have the right people in the right jobs, using the right tools. They must be plugged into processes that make sense, and they must be given the tools to do their work quickly and efficiently.

The free movement of employees and customers through the office, client sites, public spaces and home offices – across diverse devices – creates countless opportunities for data and IP theft, viruses and other illegal behavior. It’s never been more important to protect your people and data.

Physical Spaces
The “office” will be just one, albeit essential, component in a company’s portfolio of places where work happens. Therefore you must extract maximum value from your built environments. Computer Aided Facilities Management solutions use innovative technologies to assess space utilization and ROI.

Workplace services providers

How are you adapting your business to meet the challenges outlined above? Now is the time for new lines of business and new ways of delivering services. It’s also a great opportunity to review end to end business operations. Are you as lean as possible? Are you out in the market? Are you seeing the maximum number of deal opportunities?

Expertise in workplace design is going to be your value added service in the future. You need to be a strategic expert in culture, technology and ergonomics. The actual process of managing orders in the back office needs to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Order automation is the key to maximizing profitability in the face of declining product margins.

Risk Management
Small to mid size businesses often minimize or even ignore risk management, to their detriment. Recent events have shown that understanding and eliminating or mitigating risks is key to longevity and business continuity in any circumstance. Implementing an ongoing risk management practice in your business makes financial sense, and brings peace of mind.

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